Celebrating One Year

Dear Reader:

This weekend we are celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Nile Scribes! What began as an idea to review the use of Egyptian themes in films and other media productions has turned into a platform for promoting the diverse research in our field and sharing our common interest in ancient Egypt with enthusiasts around the world. We are pleased and overwhelmed by the support we have received since we began our blog last summer; we could not have imagined such a warm welcome to the online Egyptology community. We have created a wide variety of content from interviewing notable Egyptologists to highlighting children’s books, museum collections, and Egypt-themed games – all as part of our goal to make the study of ancient Egypt accessible and entertaining for everyone. We continually learn new things about the Egyptology community and blogging in general, but through it all we have found that our greatest inspiration during this undertaking has been YOU and YOUR interests.

The Next Step

As we enter our second year, we are thrilled to be taking the next step in our journey by offering a way for our readers to support our work. Through our new Patreon page, our readers will be able to pledge support to the Nile Scribes and receive exclusive content as our thanks, along with the knowledge that your sponsorship will contribute to the continued growth of our website and research.

Nothing about the Nile Scribes site is changing. We will continue to publish weekly blogs on a diverse range of topics which will remain available to all without ads or subscriptions. We have merely added an extra dimension to our blog platform, so that you as a reader and fellow Egypt-enthusiast can be more involved in our work and gain access to new content through Patreon.

Wishing you Life, Prosperity, and Health,