Common Misconceptions about Ancient Egypt

Among the myriad ways that Egypt has touched our imaginations, many misconceptions have spawned from how Egypt is creatively represented in films, books, and other media. From booby trapped tombs to hieroglyphs as the ancient precursor of emojis, misconceptions of Egyptian ideas and concepts continue to thrive in popular culture. This week, the Nile Scribes address…

Hiddenness and Darkness in Ancient Egyptian Love Songs

This week, many parts of the world celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14. In celebration, this week’s topic revolves around ancient Egyptian Love Songs. The Nile Scribes welcome back our guest blogger Carla Mesa Guzzo to shed some light on aspects of hiddenness and darkness and their meanings within these love songs. Guest Scribe: Carla Mesa Guzzo…

‘Mummy-Speak’ in Nineteenth Century Fiction

For Halloween last year, the Nile Scribes attended a talk given in Toronto on the mummy in nineteenth century fiction. We are pleased to have the presenter, Dr. Steven Shubert, share his expertise on the subject in a guest blog that takes a closer look at the history and enduring popularity of the mummy genre.

Scribal Spotlight: Patterns of Evidence – The Exodus (Documentary)

Last month we began a two-part series on the Exodus by reviewing Ridley Scott’s 2014 film Exodus: Gods and Kings. This week the Nile Scribes continue the series with a discussion of the Exodus according to a documentary released the same year. Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus In the 2014 documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus,…

Stone Shabtis of Senkamenisken and Sudanese Society

The Nile Scribes are pleased to host another guest blog for a mid-week special written by Dr. Peter Lacovara, who contributes a brief response to recently proposed ideas on the shabti production of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty kings, including some on display in the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

Scribal Spotlight: Tattooing in Ancient Nubia

Earlier this month, the British Museum revealed a new discovery on their blog of previously unknown tattoos on two Egyptian mummies in their collection. Following this exciting find, the Nile Scribes have asked Erin Ingram to tell our readers more about tattooing in the ancient world for our next ‘Scribal Spotlight.’

Celebrating the Seasons: the Ancient Egyptian Calendar

In the spirit of the holidays, the Nile Scribes have teamed up with The Dead Speak Online to bring you a double feature on the celebration of holidays, or festivals, in ancient Egypt and their place in the Egyptian calendar.

Scribal Spotlight: A Void in the Great Pyramid?

As part of our new series “Scribal Spotlight,” we take news items in the field and explore their wider relevance to our readers. This week’s spotlight shines on the recent announcement of the discovery of “a big void” in the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Scribal Spotlight: Egypt’s Great Pyramid (Documentary)

In this new series ‘Scribal Spotlight’, the Nile Scribes will take a closer look at an important news item in Egyptology and present its wider relevance to our readers. Our first post takes a look at the documentary “Egypt’s Great Pyramid: the New Evidence”.