Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Egyptophiles

If there is a social media platform most suited to displaying our love for the beauty of Egypt, it is Instagram. Recently, more and more Egypt-enthusiast accounts have been appearing on the platform, each dedicated to sharing gorgeous photos of Egyptian foods, locales, and history. Last month, the Nile Scribes joined Instagram and decided to share some of our favourite dedicated accounts from the Egyptian world. Below, we have listed five of our favourite Egyptology accounts, and five of our favourite Egyptian accounts. Let us know if we have missed any of your favourites!

5 Instagram accounts on the best in Egyptology

Top 5 Instagram Accounts in Egyptology

(1) Ministry_antiquities (Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt)

The official account of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities posts updates on important recent finds as well as current conservation projects and government efforts to repatriate artefacts from abroad. Most recently, they shared video of the celebratory arrival of the colossal statue of Ramesses II to the new Grand Egyptian Museum located on the Giza plateau.

Egypt Curator at Manchester Museum

(2) EgyptMcr (Dr. Campbell Price)

Nile Scribes interviewed Egyptologist Campbell Price, current curator at Manchester Museum in the UK, for the blog, and enjoy following his account that gives insight into the life of a curator. He has recently shared pictures from his trip to pharaonic lands in Egypt and Sudan, and gives us regular glimpses into Manchester Museum’s Egyptian collection.

(3) Kemet_Deshret

Hayley Goddard, a graduate student at The American University in Cairo, takes us on a daily journey through sites and museums around Egypt. From temples to tombs and Egyptian objects in museums, kemet_deshret provides the detail needed to understand the significance of her beautiful photos.

The Daily Hieroglyph on Instagram

(4) TheDailyHieroglyph (Dr. Colleen Manassa Darnell)

This account is unique to Instagram. It centres on introducing the phonetic and artistic nuances of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to Egyptophiles. Egyptologist Colleen Darnell begins the journey with the one-consonant signs in Egyptian. She uses spectacular, high-quality photographs from sites and also incorporates videos from site-visits to tell us about the meaning and history of some of the signs.

(5) Museoegizio (Museo Egizio, Turin, Italy)

This wondrous museum is the only European museum entirely dedicated to displaying Egyptian antiquities. Their Instagram account introduces followers not only to the major objects within its collection, but also showcases some of the visitors to the museums and temporary exhibits that are happening there.

5 Instagram accounts for visiting Egypt

Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Egypt Travel

(1) ThisisEgypt

This account is part of the #ThisisEgypt campaign through the Egyptian Tourism office. It shows us the natural beauty of Egypt from a tourist’s perspective. From the endlessly blue skies to dunes of sand reaching to the horizon, the account also takes you through the country’s rural and urban landscapes. Beware: this account will you the urge to jump on the next plane bound for Egypt.

(2) EverydayCairo

As Africa’s largest metropolis, Cairo is a bustling city of young and old, traditional and modern, and a city that never sleeps. This account highlights life in the metropolis from every angle and combines photos of historic monuments with the more charming and intimate moments of everyday life, usually with a cup of tea in hand.

Maha's Brunch on Instagram

(3) MahasBrunch

Coptic Egyptian chef Maha Barsoom runs this little Egyptian bistro in Toronto, Canada. Of course, it has become a hot-spot on the city’s Egyptian food scene. From their signature offering of a Cardamom latte to their mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich with dates, Maha’s Egyptian Brunch will send you out on an urgent search for fuul and tameya.

Experience Egypt Account on Instagram

(4) ExperienceEgypt

As Egypt’s official Instagram account for promoting tourism, ExperienceEgypt brings us personal moments of awe and wonder from individual tourists during their visits. The account showcases a wide variety of different experiences we can have on our visits to Egypt and emphasises that there are unique experiences to be had for everyone.

(5) EgyptianStreets

This Instagram account accompanies the increasingly popular independent media website Egyptian Streets. They bring you candid shots of life in Egypt plus photos from their top news stories. Their account curates the best of photographers in Egypt to make you feel like Egypt has always been home.

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