New Books in Egyptology (May-June 2019)

Every two months the Nile Scribes update our readers on the most recent Egyptological publications. From popular reads to peer-reviewed scholarship, we hope to illustrate the wide variety of topics discussed in Egyptology, and perhaps introduce you to your next read! Below are 13 books scheduled for release this summer (May and June). Did you read our…

Game Review: Egypt and Nubia in Civilization VI

Egypt is a popular choice as a location for gaming franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, and Sid Meier’s Civilization. Players could choose to play as the ancient Egyptians since the first Civilization game was released in 1991. Now, the latest addition to the Civilization series includes ancient Nubia as a playable culture for the…

Stone Shabtis of Senkamenisken and Sudanese Society

The Nile Scribes are pleased to host another guest blog for a mid-week special written by Dr. Peter Lacovara, who contributes a brief response to recently proposed ideas on the shabti production of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty kings, including some on display in the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

Our Top 5 Nubian Objects in the Royal Ontario Museum

The history of the Royal Ontario Museum’s Ancient Nubia collection goes back to the early days of the museum, when ROM co-founder Charles T. Currelly purchased a collection of ceramic vessels in the early 20th century, that included some C-Group and Meroitic pottery. In 1992, the museum was the first in North America to open…

Scribal Spotlight: Tattooing in Ancient Nubia

Earlier this month, the British Museum revealed a new discovery on their blog of previously unknown tattoos on two Egyptian mummies in their collection. Following this exciting find, the Nile Scribes have asked Erin Ingram to tell our readers more about tattooing in the ancient world for our next ‘Scribal Spotlight.’

Nile Scribes’ Recommended Reading for Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the United States and Canada, when we take note of the important contributions to our societies made by members of the African diaspora. The Nile Scribes are excited to contribute to this annual remembrance by sharing our recommended readings on African achievements from an ancient perspective, highlighting ancient Nubia,…

Lecture: “Meroë: Capital of Kush”

This past Wednesday, Annissa Malvoisin presented Meroë: Capital of Kush at a lecture event hosted by the Toronto Chapter of the SSEA. Annissa is a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Toronto in the department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. She is interested in Egyptian-Nubian relations as well as ceramic typologies and plans on writing her dissertation on Meroitic ceramic cultures.