Scribal Spotlight: A Void in the Great Pyramid?

As part of our new series “Scribal Spotlight,” we take news items in the field and explore their wider relevance to our readers. This week’s spotlight shines on the recent announcement of the discovery of “a big void” in the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Scribal Spotlight: Egypt’s Great Pyramid (Documentary)

In this new series ‘Scribal Spotlight’, the Nile Scribes will take a closer look at an important news item in Egyptology and present its wider relevance to our readers. Our first post takes a look at the documentary “Egypt’s Great Pyramid: the New Evidence”.

New Books in Egyptology – October 2017

Every month we update our readers on the most recent Egyptological publications. From accessible reads to peer-reviewed scholarship, we hope to illustrate the wide variety of topics discussed in Egyptology, and perhaps introduce you to your next read! Below are six books scheduled to be released this month: October (2017).