Auguste Mariette’s Memorial at the Egyptian Museum

This week the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is celebrating its 116-year anniversary since it first opened its doors to the public on November 15, 1902. Since then it has become a must-visit destination for any tourist coming to Egypt. On the blog this week, the Nile Scribes take you to visit a hidden monument that museum-goers…

Ancient Egypt at the Dallas Museum of Art

In 1997, an exhibit entitled Searching for Ancient Egypt that showcased Egyptian objects from the University of Pennsylvania Museum illustrated the overwhelming popularity of Egyptian objects among North Texan audiences that continues to this day. In recent years, the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) has hosted several Egyptian exhibitions including Tutankhamun and the Golden Age…

Stone Shabtis of Senkamenisken and Sudanese Society

The Nile Scribes are pleased to host another guest blog for a mid-week special written by Dr. Peter Lacovara, who contributes a brief response to recently proposed ideas on the shabti production of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty kings, including some on display in the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

Meet Manchester’s Egypt Curator Dr. Campbell Price

Our inaugural interview is with Dr. Campbell Price from Manchester Museum in Manchester, England. Hailing originally from Scotland, Dr. Price completed his PhD at the University of Liverpool in 2011 and is now Curator of the Egyptian collection of Manchester Museum.