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Game Review: Imhotep, Builder of Egypt

Playing board games is a popular pastime and a great way for Egyptophiles to connect, whether they’re at home or in the field! The Nile Scribes are avid board game players and we want to share some Egypt-themed games that we have played with our readers. Our next game review is for Imhotep: Builder of Egypt, released in 2016, a game that is based around contributing to the construction of pyramids, obelisks, tombs, and temples. This game was designed by Phil Walker-Harding, who also designed Archaeology: The New Expedition, an Egyptology-focussed game we reviewed previously.

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Going Underground: Visiting Toronto’s Egyptianising Museum Station

Museum Station, located on the eastern part of Toronto’s Bloor Street Cultural Corridor, conceals Egyptianising treasures from the eyes of passers-by on the street above. Its design for most of its life was like any other Toronto subway station – bland colours and a band running along the top with the name of the station. As the name indicates, the station was built to allow transit-takers to visit either the Gardiner Museum of Ceramics or the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Today, visitors using the station can marvel at columns decorated in the traditions of Canada’s First Nations as well as those of Ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Mexico.

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Looking through Egyptian Glass: The Stained Glass Windows at UofT’s Lillian Massey Building

اضغط هنا لقراءة النسخة العربية

Just across from the Royal Ontario Museum, now on a busy, downtown street corner, sits a Neoclassical building from the early twentieth century. The building, constructed during 1908-1912, was built as an addition to the University of Toronto (UofT) campus. Appropriately, the UofT Department of Classics and Centre for Medieval Studies call this building their home. Yet, inside, visitors can gaze upon a set of beautifully ornate and intricate stained glass windows in Egyptomanian themes.

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Game Review: Archaeology, The New Expedition

Playing board games is a popular pastime and a great way for people to reconnect with their friends, whether you’re at home or in the field! The Nile Scribes are avid board game players and we want to share some games relating to ancient Egypt with our readers. Our first game review is for Archaeology: the New Expedition, released in 2016, a game that takes the player back into the early days of Egyptology. This game is an updated version of the original Archaeology: The Card Game from 2007.

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Obelisk-hunting in St. James Cemetery

On the eastern side of Toronto’s downtown is located the Anglican St. James Cemetery, a historic location in use since 1844. The cemetery, nestled on the side of a tree-protected ravine, is enveloped by a serene and tranquil aura and its residents lie in peace away from the bustling racket of the city. Near its entrance is also located the chapel of St. James-The-Less, which is over 150 years old and was designed by then-notable Toronto resident F.W. Cumberland.

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