Egypt in Ontario

Egyptomania is all around Ontario, from artefacts hidden in small museums around the province, to obelisks standing proud in many cemeteries. We have written on the Royal Ontario Museum’s Egyptian collection, and Egyptianising elements in Museum Station, the Lillian Massey Building, and St. James Cemetery. We will continue to add to our below map as we explore the places you can encounter ancient Egypt in Ontario.



  • Orange = Museums with an Egyptian collection
  • Blue = Buildings with Egyptianising elements
  • Black = Egyptianising Monuments

Know of any Egypt-related objects, places, or designs around Ontario?

Please let us know through the comments box below and we’ll be in touch.

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The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities under the direction of Mark Trumpour has been documenting ancient Egypt across Canada and you can learn more about their exciting project here: