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Lecture: “Maces and Daggers from the ROM’s Egyptian Collection”

The Nile Scribes are pleased to host another guest blogger on our site to give us a summary of her research on Egyptian weapons at the Royal Ontario Museum. Carla Mesa Guzzo presented some of her findings at a talk in January of this year for the Toronto Chapter of the SSEA.

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Meet the BYU Egypt Excavation Project Director Dr. Kerry Muhlestein

About ‘Meet an Egyptologist’

This Nile Scribes series allows our readers to learn more about Egyptologists from around the world. From questions about their life and their career, we also explore their research interests and their impact and perspectives on the field of Egyptology. We want to use this series to help strengthen the public’s awareness of the Egyptological community, and to illustrate the varied careers and on-going research projects within the discipline. In this edition, the Nile Scribes spoke with Dr. Kerry Muhlestein from BYU in Provo about his life and research.

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Aegyptus: Egypt under Roman Rule Symposium Highlights

The Nile Scribes are pleased to host our first guest blogger, Stephen O. Smoot, to bring you the highlights of the SSEA’s 42nd Symposium Aegyptus: Egypt under Roman Rule.

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Lecture: “Tanis: the Second-hand Capital and its Untouched Royal Tombs”

In another instalment of the SSEA Toronto Chapter Summer lecture series, Gayle Gibson spoke this week on Tanis: the Second-hand Capital and its Untouched Royal Tombs to an overfilled room. Known widely for her engaging lecture style, Gayle Gibson is a former president of the SSEA and recently retired from her lengthy tenure in the Education department at the Royal Ontario Museum. Gayle is an expert in all things related to mummies and garnered fame in her identification of the mummy of Ramesses I at the Niagara Falls Museum. For her talk, she described the intriguing site of Tanis, known for being the eastern Delta capital of the ‘Libyan’ kings of the Third Intermediate Period.

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Lecture: “Meroë: Capital of Kush”

This past Wednesday, Annissa Malvoisin presented Meroë: Capital of Kush at a lecture event hosted by the Toronto Chapter of the SSEA. Annissa is a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Toronto in the department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. She is interested in Egyptian-Nubian relations as well as ceramic typologies and plans on writing her dissertation on Meroitic ceramic cultures. The lecture covered the excavation history at Meroë, major structures at the site with special emphasis on the temples, some notable finds and their cultural markers, and the ceramic styles of Meroitic artisans.

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