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Ancient Egypt in the Royal Ontario Museum’s Mosaic

Upon entering the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) through its Queen’s Park doors, a marvel awaits the visitor in the rotunda above their heads. The ceiling contains thousands of glittering tiles that were installed with a new entrance when the museum was expanded in the early 1930s. When the museum opened the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal entrance in 2007, this ornate, original entrance was closed. Finally, in late 2017, the ROM decided to open its historic doors again. For this year’s World Heritage Day, the Nile Scribes take a closer look at this wondrous mosaic that showcases many world cultures.

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Stone Shabtis of Senkamenisken and Sudanese Society

The Nile Scribes are pleased to host another guest blog for a mid-week special written by Dr. Peter Lacovarawho contributes a brief response to recently proposed ideas on the shabti production of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty kings, including some on display in the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

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Our Top 5 Nubian Objects in the Royal Ontario Museum

The history of the Royal Ontario Museum’s Ancient Nubia collection goes back to the early days of the museum, when ROM co-founder Charles T. Currelly purchased a collection of ceramic vessels in the early 20th century, that included some C-Group and Meroitic pottery. In 1992, the museum was the first in North America to open a Nubian gallery, which it remodelled extensively in 2011 to emphasise the strengths of the museum’s work at Meroë in modern Sudan led by ROM curator Krzysztof Grzymski. This week, the Nile Scribes picked our top 5 objects on display in the ROM’s Nubian Gallery to share with our readers.

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Lecture: “Maces and Daggers from the ROM’s Egyptian Collection”

The Nile Scribes are pleased to host another guest blogger on our site to give us a summary of her research on Egyptian weapons at the Royal Ontario Museum. Carla Mesa Guzzo presented some of her findings at a talk in January of this year for the Toronto Chapter of the SSEA.

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Our Top 10 Egyptian Objects in the Royal Ontario Museum

The Nile Scribes feel privileged to live in Toronto, Canada, home to the country’s largest collection of Egyptian antiquities. The Egyptian collection housed in the Royal Ontario Museum owes its breadth largely to Charles Trick Currelly, who acquired the majority of the objects and was among the founders of the museum. He also served as its director between 1914 and 1946. We regularly visit the Egyptian galleries on the third floor of the museum and have chosen ten of our favourite objects in the collection to share with our readers.

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