Meet the PLU Valley of the Kings Project Director Don Ryan

About Meet an Egyptologist This Nile Scribes series enables our readers to learn more about Egyptologists from around the world. From questions about their life and their career, we also explore their research interests and perspectives on the field of Egyptology. We want to use this series to help strengthen the public’s awareness of the Egyptological…

The Latest Discoveries in Egyptology (March-April 2018)

Every few months, the Nile Scribes bring you summaries of the latest news and discoveries in Egyptology, both from the field and the lab. We’ll introduce you to the newest archaeological finds, or recently undusted manuscripts being rediscovered in museum collections, plus other new theories stirring in the Egyptological Zeitgeist. From a relief of Hatshepsut identified…

New Books in Egyptology – March-April 2018

Every other month the Nile Scribes update our readers on the most recent Egyptological publications. From accessible reads to peer-reviewed scholarship, we hope to illustrate the wide variety of topics discussed in Egyptology, and perhaps introduce you to your next read! Below are nine books scheduled for release early this year (March and April 2018).

Scribal Spotlight: Tattooing in Ancient Nubia

Earlier this month, the British Museum revealed a new discovery on their blog of previously unknown tattoos on two Egyptian mummies in their collection. Following this exciting find, the Nile Scribes have asked Erin Ingram to tell our readers more about tattooing in the ancient world for our next ‘Scribal Spotlight.’

Meet the El-Hibeh Project’s Associate Director Dr. Jean Li

Our “Meet an Egyptologist” series gives our readers the opportunity to learn more about the lives and work of Egyptologists from around the world, in their own words. In this week’s edition, the Nile Scribes spoke with Dr. Jean Li from Ryerson University in Toronto about her work at el-Hibeh in Middle Egypt.