Ancient Egypt in the Royal Ontario Museum’s Mosaic

Upon entering the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) through its Queen’s Park doors, a marvel awaits the visitor in the rotunda above their heads. The ceiling contains thousands of glittering tiles that were installed with a new entrance when the museum was expanded in the early 1930s. When the museum opened the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal entrance…

Lecture: “Wet and Wild: the Nilotic Mosaic at Praeneste”

This past Wednesday, Steven Shubert gave an intriguing talk on Egyptianising elements in the famous second century BC Nilotic Mosaic at a lecture event hosted by the Toronto Chapter of the SSEA. Speakers for their summer programme this year have explored sites not as well-known outside of academic circles. The final talk of this series took the audience across the Mediterranean to the Italian site of Palestrina (ancient Praeneste).