Game Review: Interview with Designer Phil Walker-Harding

In our last blog, we wrote about the fun we had playing Imhotep: Builder of Egypt, an Egypt-themed game where players work together to build miniatures of Egyptian monuments like pyramids, temples, and obelisks. The creator of the game is Phil Walker-Harding, an Australian game designer who designed other popular games such as Sushi Go…

Game Review: Imhotep, Builder of Egypt

Playing board games is a popular pastime and a great way for Egyptophiles to connect, whether they’re at home or in the field! The Nile Scribes are avid board game players and we want to share some Egypt-themed games that we have played with our readers. Our next game review is for Imhotep: Builder of…

Scribal Spotlight: Tattooing in Ancient Nubia

Earlier this month, the British Museum revealed a new discovery on their blog of previously unknown tattoos on two Egyptian mummies in their collection. Following this exciting find, the Nile Scribes have asked Erin Ingram to tell our readers more about tattooing in the ancient world for our next ‘Scribal Spotlight.’

The Latest Discoveries in Egyptology (January-February 2018)

Every few months, the Nile Scribes bring you summaries of the latest news and discoveries in Egyptology, both from the field and the lab. We’ll introduce you to the newest archaeological finds or recently undusted manuscripts being rediscovered in museum collections, plus other new theories stirring in the Egyptological Zeitgeist. Already this year, archaeologists have…

Lecture: “Maces and Daggers from the ROM’s Egyptian Collection”

The Nile Scribes are pleased to host another guest blogger on our site to give us a summary of her research on Egyptian weapons at the Royal Ontario Museum. Carla Mesa Guzzo presented some of her findings at a talk in January of this year for the Toronto Chapter of the SSEA.

Nile Scribes’ Recommended Reading for Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the United States and Canada, when we take note of the important contributions to our societies made by members of the African diaspora. The Nile Scribes are excited to contribute to this annual remembrance by sharing our recommended readings on African achievements from an ancient perspective, highlighting ancient Nubia,…

New Books in Egyptology – January-February 2018

Every month the Nile Scribes update our readers on the most recent Egyptological publications. From accessible reads to peer-reviewed scholarship, we hope to illustrate the wide variety of topics discussed in Egyptology, and perhaps introduce you to your next read! Below are eight books scheduled for release early this year (January and February 2018).

Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Egyptophiles

If there is a social media platform most suited to displaying our love for the beauty of Egypt, it is Instagram. Recently, more and more Egypt-enthusiast accounts have been appearing on the platform, each dedicated to sharing gorgeous photos of Egyptian foods, locales, and history. Last month, the Nile Scribes joined Instagram and decided to…

Our Top 10 Egyptian Objects in the Royal Ontario Museum

The Nile Scribes feel privileged to live in Toronto, Canada, home to the country’s largest collection of Egyptian antiquities. The Egyptian collection housed in the Royal Ontario Museum owes its breadth largely to Charles Trick Currelly, who acquired the majority of the objects and was among the founders of the museum. He also served as…

Going Underground: Visiting Toronto’s Egyptianising Museum Station

Museum Station, located on the eastern part of Toronto’s Bloor Street Cultural Corridor, conceals Egyptianising treasures from the eyes of passers-by on the street above. Its design for most of its life was like any other Toronto subway station – bland colours and a band running along the top with the name of the station….