Moderated by Toronto-based Taylor and Thomas, Nile Scribes is a new dual-language blog that posts weekly on the latest in Egyptology. Our blog aims to keep you engaged with what is happening in the field by sharing:

  • Interviews with Egyptologists so you can learn more about their work
  • Introductions to the latest publications to help you find your next read
  • Summaries of Egyptological lectures and events in our area
  • Museum-visits to introduce you to their Egyptian collections
  • Reviews of how Egypt is adapted for entertainment (e.g. film, theatre)

Geared toward anyone who loves Egypt – whether you’ve been there or not, whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, Nile Scribes is your portal into both the ancient Egyptian world and modern Egyptophile community.

Who are the Nile Scribes?

Thomas H. Greiner & Taylor Bryanne Woodcock - Nile Scribes

Thomas H. Greiner

2010 – M.A. Univ. of Liverpool

A PhD candidate in Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Toronto, Thomas specializes in the importance of lapis lazuli in the Egyptian world. He has excavated at Hierakonpolis and lectured in Canada on a variety of topics.

Taylor Bryanne Woodcock

2014 – M.A. American Univ. in Cairo

A PhD student in Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Toronto, Taylor explores expressions of ethnicity in the Egyptian world. She has excavated at South Asasif and lived in Cairo for four and a half years.

Get the facts

  • First trip to Egypt: 2005
  • Favourite pharaoh: Narmer
  • Favourite museum: Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, NY
  • Favourite early Egyptologist: Georg Steindorff
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Get the facts

  • First trip to Egypt: 2006
  • Favourite pharaoh: Taharqa
  • Favourite museum: Nubian Museum in Aswan, Egypt
  • Favourite early Egyptologist: Auguste Mariette
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